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Men of Blessing is a gathering of men to have fellowship to enable each other to become effective and dynamic leaders in church, at work, and at home. Wherever we go, whatever we do; we leave our mark of blessing because we are the MOB — The Men of Blessing. We have fellowship with men so that we can better understand our role as Christian fathers and leaders in the community.


The world is changing rapidly and keeping awareness of all these changes can be difficult, however there is hope when we lean on God. As Men we have been called by God to be the head of our homes, to be pillars in the time of a storm and to be decision making as leaders while abiding in the Word of God.


We encourage fellowship amongst all our men and unity in serving God with our gifts and talents. At the same time Men’s Ministries emphasises that a Man of God can impact the world around him by investing time in to the lives of other Men. We believe that connecting through shared activities and spiritual mentoring we can be the man the God wants us to be!


As Iron Sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another.” (Prov 27:17)